It is recommended that all employees of Virginia Tech complete the Emergency Preparedness and Terrorism Awareness training and corresponding assessment. New employees are required to complete the training and assessment within their initial 90 days of employment at Virginia Tech, as mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia by Governor's Executive Order 41 (2011).

If you receive a passing score — that is, you correctly answer 13 of the 18 questions — then your attempt will be recorded and you will not have to take the assessment again. However, if you do not receive a passing score, it is your responsibility to retake the assessment until you do. Though you only have to pass the assessment once, it is suggested that you review the content featured in the module periodically. 

Alternate version

You can also access the Emergency Preparedness and Terrorism Awareness training via a PDF, text-only document.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the module or would like to request a paper assessment, please contact Virginia Tech Emergency Management at or 540-231-4873.