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In the event of a robbery

Avoid heroics. Try to remain calm and observant.

  • Do NOT make sudden movements, introduce distractions, or act out in ways that draw attention, such as yelling or fainting.
  • Do NOT argue or antagonize the robber, for example by stalling.
  • Do NOT make him show his gun or assume his gun is a toy, even if it doesn't look real.
  • Do NOT try to out-guess or out-think the robber.

When threatened with a robbery or assault, first protect yourself. Preserving property should be considered a distant second – valuable but also replaceable.

  • Cooperate. Give the person exactly what he/she asks for and nothing more.
  • Note distinguishing traits, such as:
  • Color and type of clothing
  • Hat or no hat
  • Beard or moustache
  • Skin color or distinctive markings
  • Approximate height
  • Weight and age
  • Note the type of any weapon that is used.
  • Listen carefully to voice characteristics and to what is said.
  • Note where the person headed after the confrontation. If possible, remember the type of vehicle and its license plate number.
  • Report the incident to authorities. Dial 911 or use one of the other ways to report a crime provided by the Virginia Tech Police Department.