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act of violence overview

Trust your instincts, report what you see

If you witness violence or threatening or suspicious behavior, immediately move away from the incident, and then dial 911 to summon the Virginia Tech Police Department. If you hear about an incident on campus, please stay away from that area.

We Remember

Virginia Tech hosts a number of activities and an annual Day of Remembrance to honor the 32 people who lost their lives on April 16, 2007. See We Remember and the Office of Recovery and Support.

We can also honor those lives by seizing every opportunity to keep our campus safe.

Acts of violence and threatening behavior

A university attracts tens of thousands of people of many backgrounds and commitments, ranging from a single afternoon to entire careers. Campus is where they live, work, play, or just pass through. It is a place of intimacy as well as anonymity, where people can explore, discover, and confirm their values. They may lose their temper or find the love of their life. Inevitably, even if sadly, efforts to sustain such dynamic diversity in peace will be short of perfectly successful. So, it is essential to treat campus safety not as a given, but as a reward of common effort.

Every act or threat of violence on campus is a challenge to the entire community. Campus safety — preventing attacks and supporting recovery — is among the highest priorities of Virginia Tech.

In addition to reviewing the general guides for how to react before, during, and after an act of violence, it is also recommended that you review these guides to specific forms of violence:

For more information on how to react to an act of violence, see: