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Emergency Action Plans

EAP overview

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a plan to address immediate life safety during an emergency. Essential components of the plan include instructions for evacuation, sheltering-in-placecontacting emergency responders, and following basic emergency procedures. The plan is made up of two sections: a base plan with departmental information and an annex for each building with location-specific information.

The development of an EAP is an integral part of the emergency management system at Virginia Tech. A well-developed EAP reduces the effect of emergencies on people, property, and university functions.

Who maintains EAPs?

EAPs are maintained at the department level by an EAP Coordinator, who is designated by the department head or director. Building-specific information is listed in an EAP's Building Annex, which is maintained by a Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC).

If multiple departments share a single building, each will be required to assign a representative within the building to sit on the building's Emergency Preparedness Committee. From the Emergency Preparedness Committee, a single person will be elected as the BEC. 

If a building is occupied by only one department, a committee is not required and the department head or director should designate a BEC.

Departments located in a single building will create one EAP specific to their department and one Building Annex specific to their building. Departments spanning multiple buildings will create a Global EAP and multiple Building Annexes specific to each building occupied.

University policies 1005 and 5615 require each department to update their EAP and Building Annexes annually.

Update your EAP

If you are a departmental EAP Coordinator or Building Emergency Coordinator, you must update your EAP base plan or building annex in the Emergency Management Planning Portal.

Plans should be updated in the Emergency Management Planning Portal at least once annually, by August 1. Plans should also be updated throughout the year when there is a change to personnel, buildings, departments, or other details listed in the plan.

Need help?

If you require assistance with the development or revision of your EAP, please contact Emergency Management at 540-231-4873 or email

For additional information about using the EAP or BEC portals, please see our instructional guides: