Trainings and Exercises

Trainings and Exercises

Virginia Tech Emergency Management provides a wide variety of trainings and exercises designed to strengthen and test individual preparedness, departmental readiness, and university resiliency.

Trainings are typically available to Virginia Tech students and employees and focus on building a specific set of emergency preparedness, response, or recovery skills. Exercises are available to groups within the university and are crafted to test plans and procedures and strengthen institutional readiness.

At this time, the following trainings are being offered:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Terrorism Awareness training. This 30-minute, online module is recommended for all Virginia Tech employees, and new employees are required to complete the training and assessment within their initial 90 days of employment. It provides an introduction to emergency preparedness and planning intended to apply to their time spent at the university.
  • Campus Community Emergency Response Team training. (C-CERT) This 10-week, in-person course provides volunteers with a broad overview of disaster preparedness and response skills in a team-based environment. The course involves both hands-on and lecture opportunities to learn skills and knowledge associated with emergency response.
  • Incident Command System training. This series of individual, in-person courses are FEMA-approved, yet Virginia Tech specific, classes that describe the history, features, principles, and organizational structures of the Incident Command System (ICS).

For a current listing of our trainings open for registration, including C-CERT and ICS, visit our training registration site

Virginia Tech Emergency Management strives to provide additional training and exercise opportunities tailored to meet the needs of the Virginia Tech community and enhance existing preparedness efforts. If you would like to request a training or exercise, please contact us at