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Register for Stop the Bleed training with Virginia Tech Emergency Management

When life-threatening bleeding occurs as a result of everyday emergencies, human causes, or natural disasters, one fact remains: controlling heavy bleeding can help save a life. 

Virginia Tech Emergency Management (VTEM) recognizes the value of providing potentially life-saving training and equipment to the Virginia Tech community. To meet this need, we are pleased to provide the Stop the Bleed program to the Blacksburg campus (university facilities across the commonwealth wishing to participate can contact our office for more information). 

What is Stop the Bleed?

Stop the Bleed is a national campaign launched in October 2015 by the White House. It is intended to build national resilience by better preparing the public to save lives through awareness of basic actions to stop life-threatening bleeding.

The success of the program is founded on the recognition that bystanders will always be the first on scene and can provide immediate, life-saving aid when appropriately trained.

Who should be trained?

Bleeding Control (B-Con) training is not required before using a Stop the Bleed kit. However, the university community is strongly encouraged to participate in the training. 

B-Con is a two-hour course provided by VTEM that is designed for individuals who have little to no medical training and includes:

  • B-Con information 
  • Hands-on tourniquet and wound management
  • Program review and summary

The Virginia Tech Stop the Bleed program follows the B-Con curriculum from the American College of Surgeons. 

Anyone in the Blacksburg campus community can register for this free training by visiting our registration site to see available dates and times. 


Where are Stop the Bleed kits located?

Stop the Bleed kits are located across the Blacksburg campus in existing AED cabinets. You can find a list of where Stop the Bleed Kits are located or see their location on this campus map

Kits are clearly marked with a "Stop the Bleed Kit Located Inside" sticker. 

Stop the Bleed Kit Sticker - "Stop the Bleed Kit located inside"

The kits include items such as a tourniquet, gauze, gloves, shears, and just-in-time instructions.

Intermediate Stop the Bleed Kit  - Bleeding Control

Want to learn more?

Contact our office at or at 540-231-4873. You can also download our Stop the Bleed program guide, watch the informational video below, and visit or