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Be Hokie ready banner with Hokie Bird and Emergency Management lockup

The Hokie Ready App is the university's safety app that offers critical emergency information and resources.

Hokie Ready App screenshots:

Hokie Ready App screenshots of Hokie Ready App homepage, Be Hokie Ready Resources, Emergency Contact List, Report a Crime Tip, and Emergency Specific Response Guides

Hokie Ready App features:

  • Be Hokie Ready Resources: Everything you need to know in one place to be prepared for an emergency.
  • Emergency Contact List: Access university and law enforcement contacts as well as suicide prevention and substance abuse hotlines quickly and easily.
  • Report a Crime Tip: Report a tip to the Virginia Tech Police Department by submitting it in app, through the app's live chat feature, or by emailing the Threat Assessment team.
  • Emergency-Specific Response Guides: These guides will help you take immediate action.

Hokie Ready App screenshots:

Hokie Ready App screenshots of Campus Maps, Weather, Hokie Health, Friend Walk, and Support Resources pages in the app

Hokie Ready App features:

  • Campus Maps: Access campus and transit maps as well as study spaces and WiFi locations.
  • Weather: Get up to date information on weather impacting Virginia Tech.
  • COVID-19 Resources: Access the COVID-19 daily health screening tool and get details around testing, case reporting, and additional support resources for the entire community. 
  • Friend Walk: Send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch as you walk to your destination. The friend will also be able to trigger a call to emergency services.
  • Support Resources: Get easy access to some of the most common support resources available to the university community.


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Download the Hokie Ready app for iPhone 

Download the Hokie Ready app for Android

Hokie Health ✔️ Daily Screening Tool

Have a question about the Hokie Ready app? Contact Virginia Tech Emergency Management for assistance.