BEC Training

Emergency Management invites all Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs), Alternate Building Emergency Coordinators (ABECs), and members of building Emergency Preparedness Committees (EPCs) to attend the Annual Building Emergency Coordinator training.

This training session is held each summer as an opportunity for BECs to network with local first responders, ask questions pertaining to their roles, and refresh their emergency preparedness and response skills.

2016 Training Agenda

 Watch: Overview of the BEC Program

 Watch: Panel Discussion with Emergency Response Personnel

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 Watch: Safety, Security and Preparedness Presentation

 Watch: Keynote Speaker, Alisa Haller

Time and Location

Time and location for the 2017 training have not been determined. Please check back at a later date.


Registration is required, and will be announced prior to training each summer. Please check back later date.


BEC Frequently Asked Questions 

Review some of our most-asked questions about the role of a BEC.

BEC Operations Guide

BEC Operations Guide 

Download and print the full guide to a BEC's roles and responsibilities.

BEC Training

BEC Annual

Learn more about the yearly training opportunities for BECs and ABECs.